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Meditation Music For Positive Energy


Meditation Music For Positive Energy

Daily Morning Meditation for Positive Energy ☯ Clarity and Achievement, After Sleep



Daily Morning Meditation for Positive Energy ☯ Clarity and Achievement, After Sleep

The 5 Stages of Starting Yoga as an Older Adult | Gentle Yoga for Seniors

The 5 Stages of Starting Yoga as an Older Adult | Gentle Yoga for Seniors

Beginners Yoga for Baby Boomers with Jeannette


Beginners Yoga for Baby Boomers with Jeannette

The future of yoga is here with vister

Yoga is for everyone. The countless benefits of yoga for your body and well-being are well documented, from simply reducing stress to boosting your brain power. Yoga certainly has its place as part of your life.

the future of yoga is here with vister

The future of yoga is here with Vister. is a wonderful collection of classes and courses that you can join and practice from the comfort of your home. Different yoga instructors from all over the world offer their expertise and classes. Regardless of whether you are a beginner or not you can start a class anytime.

You can register for Vister with your Facebook account or simply by using your e-mail. It takes less than 2 minutes to do so and once you are in you can personalize your settings and you are good to go. The settings allow you to choose your time zone which is very helpful when you book further classes.

the future of yoga is here with vister

The website is continuously growing and is bringing talented teachers and coaches to work with you. Whether you are aiming to do an effortless headstand or simply want to be calmer you can be sure that you will benefit from doing yoga.

Marysia Do also known as “The Queen of Headstands” is one of the featured yoga teachers and you can go to her with a very specific goal and she will be able to help you.

If you are stressed and want to learn how to relax there is a class run by Kaila. This class is designed to help you find inner peace. You don’t need to have any previous experience and the class is there for everyone with a hectic life.

Practising yoga will improve your posture, strength and balance. The future of yoga is here with Vister because you don’t even need to leave the house. Yoga is beneficial early in the morning and you can do your class in your own comfort.

You can get in touch with any of the instructors and teachers and receive a personal 1 on 1 class, join a group or a live event. Once you commit to a weekly practice your flexibility will improve and so as your strength.

Yoga is beneficial as a holistic fitness package. Even if you have never been to a yoga studio you can start straight away. To achieve results it is best to practice yoga regularly. Regular yoga practice will increase your physical and mental strength and it can also boost your immune system and give you mental clarity. If you want to become  part of the modern way to do yoga 

The Future Of Yoga Is Here With Vister

The future of yoga is here with Vister , when you can bring yoga instructors from all over the world in your living room. You get to enjoy all the benefits of practicing yoga without leaving your home. You might also like to practice outside, so with Vister you can actually do that too.

Yoga has stood the test of time and is one of the most versatile ways to do a workout. It doesn’t require any special equipment or physical ability to start and practice. You can also be sure that it has never been easier to include yoga in your life.

The beginners yoga class goes into a detail about breathing, engagement and alignment for every pose. It will give you confidence and a basic understanding of yoga poses and you will be ready to pursue your yoga journey with Vister, knowing that YOU GOT THIS!

Morning Yoga! Yoga To Start Your Day is a yummy full body sequence to get you stretched and poised for an awesome day. Physically. Mentally. Even emotionally or spiritually.

This practice will help you tune in to your mindful side and set intentions with awareness and breath. Perfect for all levels as it focuses on alignment and action as well as encourages you to work at your own pace. Find What Feels Good and make it your own. Stretch and strengthen daily. Cultivate a morning routine that serves you and set yourself up for something great each day. For more information on RISE go to

Relaxing Stress Relief Music for Healing Meditation

Taking a short break from your daily activities may be beneficial for your body and mind. To help you relax we created this Wonderful & Beautiful Relaxation Background Music to play when you decide to stop for a while and recharge your batteries.

Buddha Tribe is your online free music provider for your entertainment and relaxation. For you there is free relaxing music and intrumental music video with lounge music, spa music, chillout music, yoga & pilates music for your yoga poses. Find out more international music videos for our public with background music for parties and ambient music for romantic dinners, lounge party music, but also fitness music and relaxation meditation music. Free your mind and play Buddha Tribe!

► Download this music from the link:… ► Website

Do These 5 Exercises Every Morning In this video we share with you a simple 5 minute morning session that I use to start my day every morning. A quick morning exercise session is great to start your day.

A simple exercise routine can get your blood circulating to wake you up and set the tone for the rest of the day. We will be performing 5 mobility, strength, and stretching exercises.

While performing these exercises it is important that we focus on the breathe.

Breathe with the diaphragm (or stomach).

– Inhale through the nose slow for a count of 5-10 seconds.

– Pause for an additional second

– Exhale through the nose or mouth for a count of 5-10 seconds

Aim to keep a smooth slow breathing pattern throughout the entire session. Train safe, Thomas

Download the “follow along” Morning Session for free Click HERE:

Is an American based business supplying Herbal Hallucinogens, Plant Based Medicine and natural relaxants/pain relief capsules with shipping included free of charge across all of the United States.

Formed in 2015 due to growing demand in the hometown (Bend, Oregon, USA) of our founder for alternatives to pharmaceutical medicines that often bare severe side effects. Starting with an intimate customer of local residents the small Herbal Substitute business quickly began growing into a company know for it’s organic products, dedication to quality, fast delivery times and new herbal recipes that were added to the Top Leaf Kratom catalogue every month.

The beginning of 2016 saw the launch of our online Herbal Store and the expanding reach of our medicines across the USA. With the growing hallucinogens, spiritual and alternative scenes within America steady on the rise Top Leaf Kratom has gained a reputation for great quality herbal products. From Mimosa that is gathered by hand from southern basin of the amazon river in Peru, to our Kratom leaves that are eco-friendly harvested from across south east Asia and our Lotus extracts that come from sustainable organic lotus farms in Goa India.

All of our products and crafted with the greatest of care, and an emphasis on traditional Herbal Recipes that have been healing people for generations.

Our Speciality Herbal Store includes for sale.

Mimosa tenuiflora

Otherwise known as Mimosa Hostilis or Jurema Preta is a species of fern that is native to south America. This Sacred Herb has been treasured key to health and spiritual growth to the people of the Peru and the Amazon for thousands of years. Used to treat migraines, headaches, tooth aches and a variety of server pain. It is also a powerful force in combatting severe coughs and colds such as bronchitis. Mimosa Hostilis when applied topically or turned into a drinkable serum is used to promote the healing of tissue, treat burns and rid the body of ulcers. It is really no wonder the tribes of Peru and South America have held the this Soul Herb in such high regard.


Sourced naturally from the forests of South East Asia this surprisingly common tree is legal throughout most states in America and has for the past few decades become know as a natural and much less addictive alternative to anti-depressants and stress managing pharmaceuticals such as Valium, Tramadol, Ritalin, Focalin, and many other similar drugs. Kratom is incredibly high in fibre and has the same amount of antioxidants as organic green tea. The properties of Kratom Leaves cause endorphins to be naturally released in the brain prompting healthy glads and simultaneously boosting the immune system.  Kratom has very similar effects to many prescription drugs that deal with managing depression, anxiety and stress only it is a completely natural with a host of positive nutrients to help the suffer improve there health sustainably in the long term.

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Meditation Music, Yoga Music, Soothing Music, Relaxing Music, Spa Music, Peaceful Music


Meditation Music, Yoga Music, Soothing Music, Relaxing Music, Spa Music, Peaceful Music