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I am just after reading “To hold the sun” by Chas Watkins. This is a fiction book, but the stories deliver universal truths, that you might already know. The book takes you to the incredible island of Roatan, voted as one of the most beautiful island in the world.

to hold the sun review

What makes it special is, that it’s also putting these highly efficient and purposeful foundation into simple steps, that you can use. In a simple dialogue between two very charismatic characters you would discover that you too,  if you wish can hold the sun.

As the author said with all the self help books that are available these days you can be a married millionaire with a body of Greek god and the spirituality of the Dalai lama. But this can not be further from the truth.

“To Hold the Sun” takes you on a real journey. As well as some outstanding scenery and pictures the book will also satisfy you “hunger” for practical and very realistic tools, that you can use to create a lifestyle changes, that you want.

Let’s take pain for an example. As human beings we go to great effort to avoid pain. The truth is every pain has a purpose and emotions even when they are painful are here to help us and guide us. All negative emotions, including anger, jealousy, envy  have a reason to exist.

Have you ever asked yourself the question “In what way this pain can be beneficial to me?” That question alone can change your like. Let’s face it, we all feel pain, have challenges to overcome or disasters to deal with. Paul is one of the main characters in the book. He shows a very simple exercise that any of us can do in order to find a way to deal with pain.

You are well aware that long term negative emotions are harmful and they can hold you back. You hold the true power to change that. The true power is within you. Your powerful open heart has the unconditional love flowing through it.

A lot of people want to believe that there is “The Secret” to happiness and if you send positive thoughts  the Universe will give you everything that you want. This is another statement that still makes a lot of profit because there are people who believe in it.

The first mistake that people make when they want to achieve some kind of change or improvement in their life is to WANT ALL AND TO WANT IT NOW. This almost never works. Archiving permanent positive change sometimes only takes adding or relapsing a small habit.

to hold the sun

Even if you don’t get a chance to read “To Hold the Sun” there is one thing that I would love you to take away from this article. Remember that small habits are the key to lifestyle changes. sometimes the smaller the habit the better. Deciding to exercise daily for 20 minutes, practising yoga or meditating will create a ripple effect and will affect all areas of your life. After one month you would start feeling healthier and you would be very likely to take interest in nutrition. This will lead you to eating better .When you eat better you feel better. When you feel better you feel more productive and confident in your work. Then you would enjoy your work even more and your raised energy would bring new people and more opportunities into your life. You can drastically improve your business by committing to a small habit daily. It is worth every bit of effort.

Once a new habit become a second nature you have established a routine which is a bedrock to your good habits.

Even if changes seem to happen suddenly it’s almost always a case of gradual build up. Change is hard for most people as it takes us to face ourselves and accept our flaws.

It is not possible to become someone different overnight. As one of the main characters said “If we believed we are open to change we would listen more and argue less.”

Personally the best thing I got from reading the story is this. Change is the only sure thing in life. “Time will change us, so choose the change.”.It is inevitable that time will change us and you won’t be same person whether you like it or not. You don’t have control over your growth entirely, but you can respond in each moment.

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A rock can not be harmed by a single rainfall, but raindrops falling year after year will eventually erode any rock into the path the water needs to go. 

Overall this is a truly engaging book and it provides practical principles, that potentially can change your life.

You can buy “To Hold the Sun”by Chas Watkins’s  by clicking here.