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Company: Yoga Family Violet Alignment

Contact: Foteini Dimitriou, Senior Yoga Teacher and Head of Yoga Family Violet Alignment


Address: Skalia Village, Zakinthos, Greece (Avouris Theater)

Telephone No.: +306972 841468


Yoga Family Violet Alignment invites Yoga Enthusiasts to participate in the Yoga Kids Teacher Training on the 17th-27th of August, 2016 at Zakinthos, Greece

Yoga Family Violet Alignment is inviting enrollees to join in the Yoga Kids Teacher training that will be held in August 17 to 27, 2016 at the Avouris Theater, Zakinthos Greece. The training will be conducted within a total of 90 hours to train Yoga teachers in a Greek island with accredited services from Yoga Alliance UK. Headed by Foteini Dimitriou as the resident Senior Yoga teacher, the said training will be accommodating students to enroll in the training. With the passion of changing the world by providing genuine trainings for yoga enthusiasts, the organization aims to achieve their training goals in order to help create more yoga teachers that can train kids and adults at the same time.


We change ourselves, we change the world. Be a yoga kid’s teacher with international recognition. The licensed training provides many tools and techniques to the trainee. We become aligned with our inner child. Through joy and creation we offer the tools that we have obtained and the knowledge of our soul,” quoted by Yoga Family Violet Alignment. The specialty areas include the concept of upbringing developmental stages which actually begins at the age of 2 to 15 years. Also, it will discuss the issues involved in every stage that is necessary in teaching the kids.

On the other hand, the categories will address the developmental application specifics for all age groups. The relationships between yoga teachers will then be tackled after all fundamental concepts are discussed. Through proper practice, training, and techniques, yoga teachers are equipped with the best tools and tips in order to implement effective workshops for the kids. Child development yoga-based practices will be including asana, breathing techniques, yoga-based activities and games as well as asana-based movements. There will also be lesson plans, yoga games, folktales, and techniques for anxious kids and a lot more to expect from the 10-day training program for yoga teachers.



For those who are interested to enroll in the training program, they may log onto to sign up and get early registration for only 1550 Euros. The fee, by the way, includes bed accommodation and healthy meals from a fresh and organic farm. They may also email them at for other related concerns regarding the upcoming workshop for yoga teachers and enthusiasts.