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Yoga Clothes UK

Yogichi yoga clothes are definitely for the yogi who doesn’t want to spend high street price or sacrifice quality when it comes to saluting the sun. From vest tops to leggings, t-shirts and long sleeve tops, we have something for every type of yoga lover. If you’re looking for high-quality, eco-friendly digs Yogichi is the place to shop.

Yoga Clothes UK



Why Yogichi

Based in Manchester, UK “our love for yoga and great quality clothes that don’t cost the earth (in every sense)” is what makes us so very special. Our high quality, eco-friendly, socially responsible clothing will make you feel great about your purchase. With FREE UK delivery and returns on all items–what’s not to love about Yogichi!?



Our Premier Quality Collection of tops will keep you covered and comfortable in quality Cotton and Eco-Friendly Tencel Fabric. Choose from a long cotton vest, long sleeve, or short sleeve t-shirt–each with a beautiful, modest neckline. Each top is crafted using breathable fabric with moisture absorption, and comes in a variety of soft and bright gorgeous colors.



100% Opaque these gorgeous leggings are perfect for Yoga, Zumba, and Pilates. You can choose from ruched or smooth leg, and each is crafted with a non-slip waistband. They really are the best quality leggings available on the market for the price tag. Not like that super-posh, overpriced stuff from the high street that falls apart after two Downward Dogs.


Eco Friendly

At Yogichi we choose our fabrics for a multitude of reasons, but one of our primary reasons is the sustainability of that fabric. Products such as Tencel, are an inspiring step into the future of a more environmentally conscious industry.Tencel is an amazing eco friendly fabric that represents a milestone in the development of environmentally sustainable textiles. Made from wood cellulose, or pulp harvested from Eucalyptus trees Tencel is arguably one of the most eco-friendly fibres on the market. This is why we are so thrilled to offer Tencel products to our customers.


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Tips for Choosing Functional Fitness Clothing

We present you some tips on how to find in a pleasant way the best gym clothing for you. Before you hit the gym hit some sporting brand shops to buy functional and comfortable fitness gear. You need clothing that supports your knees, bottom and torso. Also is important to keep yourself dry and to protect your skin.

1. Fabrics

Every fitness clothing brand offers tech-based fabrics that will help you to feel comfortable during your workout. Try to purchase the kind of fabrics that wicks away the moisture from your body and in this way you will stay cooler and dry. When you try new gym clothing make sure you give them a good stretch.

2. Compression

Compression clothes are over the Spandex-based fitness clothing. They use tightly fabrics to pump up your circulation and even reduce the muscle soreness from the nest day. They also make your body look toned. This type of fabrics are best for higher-intensity workouts.

3. Features

Some workout clothes feature patches, pockets and a ton of different features to make your workout proper safe. If you are a busy person, than a pair of pants with a built-in pocket is a total must, for example if you are a fitness instructor.

4. Different Classes

The clothing you pick for yoga, may not be the same with the clothing you pick for Pilates or for a hard workout. For a yoga class you need clothes that are non-restrictive so in this way your teacher will see your body form and posture. Try to avoid baggy gym t-shirts that will annoy you and will interrupt your Zen.

For a cardio hour equip yourself with a sports bra and a fit tank. You can also wear compression pants to help you with the circulation.

Good chosen fitness clothing will motivate you to get moving, show of your sexy side and will give you confidence boost.

Tips for Choosing Functional Fitness Clothing

New Yoga Clothing Active Wear


Today we are introducing a young entrepreur, Johanna Stavrakaki. She is a graduate of Suny Plattsburgh Fine Art program in New York and currently living in Los Angeles.

Johana founded the brand and clothing line Sthenos Active Wear in 2011.Sthenos Active Wear, which the name is a reference to Johanna’s Greek origins, enables Johanna to combine her two passions: art and fitness ! Way more than a simple brand dedicated to yoga or sports, it’s a clearly lifestyle and way of living. She wants to inspire healthy, active, and free spirited living,  yoga has always been more of a lifestyle than a mere fitness endeavor. Call it what you may – yoga, presence, connection. It’s the experience of living your truth. With so many distractions to hold us back, we fall into a mode of being attention seekers, when we should really all be INTENTION SEEKERS. That intention allows us to truly access our limitless potential.


Johanna paints abstract canvas to create later an entire clothing line. All her work and efforts are from the original artwork she made. It has always been Johanna’s desire to cultivate a clothing line. With the support of her mom and friends this desire would take shape into a yogic lifestyle brand. Each season offers new inspiring washes of color and original prints that reflect our sense of inner light and joy. We strive to make every moment feminine, beautiful and fashionable. Each piece is meticulously designed and tested to ensure optimal comfort and functionality—from athletic tops that work for different sizes and activities to contoured elastic-free waistbands that prevent uncomfortable digging and won’t roll down. the fashion component with cozy-but-trendy daywear pieces including jersey jackets, harem pants, cowl-neck tunics and dresses.


Her goal is to provide a range of clothing and accessory lines to meet the needs of the many different types of people, not only during their yoga practice, but also throughout the rest of their day.

She also brings her own experienced fitness perspective to her designs, ensuring Sthenos Active Wear clothing is of the highest quality and built to stand up to the toughest workouts. Sthenos Activewear is crafted from luxuriously soft, durable, wash-and-wear fabrics. She is committed to contributing beauty and comfort to the world while maintaining the integrity of her business practices. All of her products are proudly sewn, dyed and embellished entirely in the USA. She aim to thrive as a both a company and as individuals in sustainable harmony with the world we live in.


As Founder of Sthenos, Johanna shapes the vision and direction ofthe brand. She encourages women on their own journeys of self-acceptance with powerful messaging like the be proud of you and who you are, only positive thought. Sthenos is a true supporter of a woman’s path to body confidence. she oversees all aspects of the brand and believes strongly in the mission of Sthenos to help women feel comfortable, confident and empowered.
You are welcome to visit and shop on


New Yoga Clothing Active Wear

K-DEER Leggings

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K-DEER Leggings


Hear Ye! Hear Ye! comes back with a bang introducing their new yoga clothing line “K-DEER”. Yes it’s from goyogi and it’s just perfect. Since they say yoga can make you hot, imagine what potential wonders can happen when your yoga is accompanied by K-DEER products. Amazing, right?

Under the careful supervision of the founder and designer Kristine Deer herself, a certified Barkan Method Yoga teacher and a fashion designer educated from Syracuse University, takes the K-DEER product line to a whole new level. Yes, being a passionate yogi herself Kristine has carefully designed every product and has made sure that the designs and printing be eco-friendly and extremely comfortable. 

K-DEER, products are made with a touch of an extra care by treating the fabrics with the natural softeners which are environment friendly to add an extra bit of moisture-wicking nature to so that it becomes even more comfortable and high quality than it already is.

Talking about the best seller and most striking product of K-DEER, the K-deer Leggings, saying it a perfect match for your intense daily workout won’t be an understatement. It just has all the qualities that you have been looking so far in a perfect yoga wear! This product line is designed to have perfectly flat and locked seams to keep the body mass centred during difficult yoga steps, finished hems to keep your feet at a place and sprain secure and nonetheless the most favourite of us all, it is high waisted so that it does not slid down during intense and extended workout. These wonder leggings come in all different designs and beautiful colours for you to pick according to your choice. The product line does not revolve around just the leggings, K-DEER signature crop tops and kids leggings are an equal eye candy. 

K-DEER has been booming around as the hot yoga fashion statement and the products keep flying off the shelves from the K-DEER’s US online store and now K-DEER is all set to make a mark in the Europe’s fitness fashion market also at Yes we are shipping to our European customers too along with the UK.

So make your workout more perfect with K-DEER and be the diva of your own.

K-DEER Leggings