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What is guided meditation? This is a type of meditation where you lead by a narrator and your mind is guided into a meditation state towards a desirable outcome.

This form of meditation is very popular and accessible to anyone who wants to take control of their life and achieve a particular goal or simply become more mindful in their life.

Here are 5 very simple ways that guided mediation can help you.

1.You will be guided

By listening to someone else’s guidance you don’t have to worry about “being in the right stare”. The guided meditation is specifically designed to do the “mindfulness” for you. All it’s required from you is to be present and relax. There are countless guided meditations available online. You can choose which one of them “speaks” to you the best. Listen to them and see how it makes you feel- the voice, the music, the way it’s presented. All these small details will help you to choose the right one for you.

2.You are in control of your surroundings

You can use guided mediation almost anywhere, apart from when you are driving or using any power tools or machinery. Your living room sofa can be the perfect place for meditation during the afternoon. A lot of people also prefer to listen to a guided meditation just before bedtime. This is the time when you are in an Alpha state and your subconscious is very likely to respond positively.

3.You will feel less stressed

Reducing stress is one of the main reasons people use meditation. Using guided meditation can help you to rediscover your personal ways of dealing with stress. Dealing with challenges is an inevitable part of life and sometimes you just need an extra push to overcome them. An 8-week study done in 2013 produced evidence that mindfulness meditation reduces the stress caused by inflammation.

4.You may reduce your addictions

By becoming mentally aware of yourself you will take care of your mental state. This may help you identify any addictive behaviour. Awareness is the first step towards replacing a bad habit with a good one. Once you have discovered what you want to reduce, replace or eliminate you feel more empowered and in control.

5. You may increase your attention span

Brain stimulation and constant digital activity are very present in our lives. Most people feel that if they leave their phones at home and take a walk for an hour a part of their body is being left at home. The reason for that is dopamine misbalance which also causes a short attention span. When you have a short attention span you may find it very hard to focus on completing a task and this may cause you further distress. Using guided meditation will build your strength towards being present and focused. This will encourage you to gradually keep attention on things for longer periods of time. By doing that you will be in control of where your attention goes and you are not simply “jumping from one thing to another” .

Guided meditation is one of the most popular methods of meditation. For some inspiration and mindful time click here to get access to our 5 Star Meditation.

Relaxing Stress Relief Music for Healing Meditation

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Yoga, Guided Meditation through the Chakras


In this video Yoga, Guided meditation through the Chakras Esther leads us through a meditation focusing on the chakra’s. This fee online meditation will relax you, balance the chakra’s which in turn will balance your body and mind.

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Yoga, Guided Meditation through the Chakras

GUIDED MEDITATION Remove Negative Blocks Automatically Quiet The Mind Like NEVER BEFORE Paul Santisi

GUIDED MEDITATION Remove Negative Blocks Automatically Quiet The Mind Like NEVER BEFORE Paul Santisi