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Meditation For Better Sleep

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Meditation For Better Sleep


One of the most accessible ways to come into the present moment, center yourself, and think about the bigger picture is through meditation. It can be quite challenging since it is hard to sit without fidgeting and focusing on doing literally nothing.

Meditation has some amazing effects even when practised for just a few minutes a day. The numerous health benefits of regular meditation include reducing your overall stress and lowering your heart rate. If you would like to explore meditation practice, you should consider the beginner-level meditations below.

Meditation For Better Sleep

It is important to find a comfortable, quiet place to settle down and sit still with your eyes closed. It can be either at home or at work. Then try experimenting with one or all of the five meditations below guaranteed to help you relax and sleep better.


  1. Counting


Start counting backwards from 100 and restart each time you lose track. You should not attach to forgetting your place; just start over and continue counting down. Don’t forget that there’s no right or wrong since it is all about meditation.


  1. Visualization


Concentrate on just one colour, place, face, etc. Let your mind clear and focus on just one image. A peaceful green field.  A partner’s face. A cookie. You get the drift. Take note of how this makes you feel.


  1. Mantra


Have a personal mantra like, “I am grateful for…” To paraphrase the Buddha: A word that brings peace is better than a thousand hollow words. Repeat your mantra silently and allow the mind to clear as you focus on just one phrase.


  1. Pranayama and Square Breathing


Practice pranayama or yoga breathing is also known as the “life force” everyone refers to a breath. Inhale then exhale using only the nostrils and cultivate your Ujjayi breath, which is a common Pranayama practice. Allow the air to drag over the back of the throat to create a low, ocean-like sound on your exhale and inhale. After getting warmed up, move on to square breathing: inhale for 4 counts, hold for 2 counts, and exhale for 4 counts. Repeat the cycle for 2 to 3 minutes.


  1. Alternate Nostril Breathing


Maintain your Ujjayi breath and then incorporate alternate nostril breathing into your Pranayama practice. Use your right finger to close your left nostril. Inhale for 4 counts using only the right nostril, hold for 2 counts while closing the right nostril using your thumb, and exhale for 4 counts through only the left nostril. Finally, repeat the cycle for 2 to 3 minutes.


It can be a great idea to incorporate several minutes of meditation to all your yoga classes. After the final exhale as others are gently blinking their eyes open and come back into the room, you should pause for a moment to notice their peaceful faces and smiles.


Meditation can really help with rest as can a new mattress, check out these mattress reviews to ensure you get the best possible sleep.






Healing Energy – Indian Flute Meditation Music


Healing Energy – Indian Flute Meditation Music

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Yoga Clothes UK



Why Yogichi

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Reasons To Incorporate Yoga Into Your Everyday Life

The ancient practice of yoga has become a common part of daily life from East to the West. People from all civilizations have adapted to yoga and those who know it’s true benefits have made it a part of their daily lives. Here are the reasons you should incorporate yoga in your everyday life to live it fully and beautifully.

Improves Cognitive Processing and Helps Fight Anxiety and Depression

According to a study published by Boston University Health Center in 2010, yoga is superior to other forms of exercises because it not only improves cognitive thinking but also helps fight anxiety and depression. Doing yoga only three times a week can help remove toxic cells from brain and improve positivity towards life. Ohio State University also published a study which reveals that long-term yoga can help combat stress in daily life.

Helps Manage Rheumatoid Arthritis

The European Against Rheumatism published a study in 2011 which reveals yoga practitioners can better manage rheumatoid arthritis and statistically help reduce the disease condition by improving physical joint movements.

Helps Reduce Back Pain

Yoga was basically started as an exercise to fight back pain. The modern lifestyle also ties a person with desktop devices like computer and laptop, reducing physical movements and increasing back pain in even young children. Just five to ten minutes of yoga in morning can help reduce back pain and improve your physical stability. When you practice your yoga make sure to use a good yoga mat that does not slip especially when you are performing complex balancing poses.

Other Medical Benefits

It lowers blood pressure by a combined effect of reduced stress and improved blood circulation throughout the body. It helps relieve physical pain by improving bone and joint flexibility. Above all, it improves overall strength. Post workout pain is not a thing related to yoga.

Connects With Your Inner-Self

Meditation is a part of yoga. One of the amazing benefits of yoga is to connect you with your inner-self. The results can be seen in the form of boosted self-confidence and positive attitude towards life. It makes you more productive at the workplace and improves creativity to help you find new ways to make the most out of life.

Improves Breathing

According to modern science, you can fight more than 90% of diseases just with the help of proper breathing. Yoga improves oxygen intake and boosts the effect of proper breathing, making you healthier from inside and outside.

As a collective effect of all these benefits, yoga detoxifies your body, improves skin glow and helps you lose weight as well.


Reasons To Incorporate Yoga Into Your Everyday Life

How To Use Meditation To Better Manage Addiction And Speed Along Recovery


A return to alternative medicine is becoming more commonplace today. A great majority of these alternatives come to the Western cultures from the East. Addiction is a disease and is treatable using techniques designed by Western medicine as well as a number of holistic practices and spirituality found in the Eastern philosophies.


Anyone who is struggling with addiction and battling the cravings that come along with it can consider using some of the Eastern methods of treating this disease. Meditation has been used for thousands of years and is well proven to help reduce levels of stress.  Many who practice meditation find that they become more aware of their body and mind and how those can connect in a useful way to help prevent relapses.

 How To Use Meditation To Better Manage Addiction And Speed Along Recovery

What Are The Benefits Of Meditation?


According to, meditation is a tool that can be used to help addicts overcome their cravings. The practice of meditation has been done for thousands of years and even modern medicine has begun to recognize its usefulness and validity because of modern research done on the topic. Those in the East who practiced meditation did so in the beginning as a spiritual and mystical pursuit. In the West, in modern times, the average person practices meditation to help them quiet their mind and to reduce stress.


When someone meditates they will bring their attention to the present moment. This is commonly done by paying attention to your breathing or by focusing on an image. During most of your waking hours you likely have some thoughts running through your mind almost constantly but during meditation, those thoughts slow down and as you practice more you will be able to achieve a quiet mind and you will be able to fully relax.


How Does Meditation Benefit A Recovering Addict?


The typical addict is trying to avoid their feelings while the practitioner of meditation is able to accept their feelings and during meditation remove themselves from those feelings. As such, they are able to relax, reach a state of calmness, and achieve a feeling of well-being. The more a person practices, the more they begin to notice that the process of meditation affects their life even beyond the time spent meditating.


What Are The Physical Benefits?


According to a Palm Beach detox center some of the newest medical research done on meditation has demonstrated that it can help in managing and reducing many of today’s chronic illnesses. Some of these diseases it has shown to be an effective treatment for include asthma, high blood pressure, mental and emotional stress reduction, insomnia, heart disease, and even some types of pain. Along with being an effective part of treating and managing the above illnesses, it has also been shown to be highly effective in increasing the practitioners overall sense of well-being.


When someone encounters tough situations they can learn to have a better response to those situations through the process of meditation. When an addict experiences intense cravings they can learn to stop and take a moment to meditate to help relieve those cravings. Through the process of meditation, the practitioner will learn to have a greater sense of self.


The self-awareness and mindfulness that comes through this process is part of how meditation helps an addict heal. Once you become more aware of your body and mind and what they are trying to tell you, you can be more in control so when the cravings come you have an alternative to falling back on old behavior. Very often this self-awareness will lead you to discovering the triggers that lead to these cravings. An example of this might be stress at work or at home with your spouse or something else.


Stress is among the biggest triggers for an addict that relapses. Discovering the tools available with meditation can help most anyone who puts some effort into learning how to manage that stress better. Meditation not only helps reduce stress but it also reduces and often eliminates negative emotions and significantly improves positive feelings.


Anyone that wants the benefits of meditation can begin to do so relatively easy and often without any equipment or special instructions. That said, many do benefit from working with someone who has substantial experience with meditation. This practice can be done by sitting in a comfortable chair that is located in a quiet area of your home or office and then simply focus your mind on your breathing.


It should be noted that meditation is not a cure for anything and that includes addiction. It is, however, a useful tool in managing stress and the triggers that cause cravings. Any addict knows that they need all the tools they can get in their recovery process. Cravings are often very intense and yet meditation is a powerful enough tool to help fight those intense cravings. Don’t think about it, just give it a try and see for yourself how much better you feel afterward.

Tips For Placing Buddha Statue


Within Buddhists circles, you’ll typically find various types of Buddha statues. Their homes and gardens have special sections where these statues reside and allow for some peaceful praying. But it doesn’t mean you have to be a Buddhist in order to enjoy these magnificent statues. If done correctly, you can bring them into your home and garden to create a very calming and relaxed atmosphere. And if you’re worried about the statues standing up against the elements, there are specific designs for outdoor use. You just have to look in the right places.

Tips For Placing Buddha Statue


What A Buddha Statue Represents


Once you start searching for that perfect Buddha statue, you’ll realize just how many types and variations there are. In fact, each one brings with it a different symbolic meaning and purpose. For example, individuals who are focused on feng shui practices will get a statue that assists with energy movement inside your home. Everything depends on what you need, and where you need it.


Appropriate And Inappropriate Places For The Statue


When buying a Buddha statue, it’s understood that you are buying it with respect towards the culture. Even if you don’t share their views or principles, it is ultimately a universal symbol of spiritualism and peace. And if you’re looking for this type of statue, it says a lot about the calm and peaceful person you aim to be.


Inappropriate Placements:


– Directly on the ground


A Buddha statue should never be placed directly on the ground, as this is considered disrespectful. Neither should it be placed in the bathroom.


– The Bedroom


It’s not appropriate to have the statue in your bedroom, unless it’s given a spot within a cabinet with the doors closed. The only time the doors should be open is when you meditate.


Appropriate Placements:


– Entrance of the home


When placed at the entrance of the home, it should be facing the entrance and towards incoming guests.


– Facing Your Room


When placed in another part of the house, make sure it’s facing your room.


– Facing Your Home


If placed outside in the garden, let the statue face in the direction of your home. It is believed to bring great abundance.



Buddha Statue Buying Options For Interior And Exterior Use


– Feng Shui Imports:


In terms of maintaining a healthy energy flow inside the home, you are at liberty to choose from a wide range. You’ll discover different styles and even sizes, providing you with endless options. In fact, you can add a Buddha fountain if you like as well.


– Buddha Grove:


These are statues that can be utilized inside the home or outside in the garden. They range from miniature sizes, which are perfect if you want to display them via a shelf or table, to bigger models with a little more substance so-to-speak. Some of the statues even have an artistic finish, increasing the odds of you finding that special Buddha Statue.


– Buddha Gallery:


At the Buddha Gallery you’ll be provided with an option of antiuque statues. And what makes it even more interesting is that they gallery features collections from around the world. If you have a preference as to the country you want your antique Buddha statue has to come from, this is the place to do it.


All The Types Of Buddha Statues


– Statue for Meditation


The meditation statue is the most common in homes and gardens, and it’s molded in a very distinct position most people will recognize. This Buddha statue will be in a sitting position, hands placed in the appropriate meditation technique known as cosmic mudra. In other words, the hands cross with the left above the right, allowing thumb tips to connect and ultimately form an oval. This symbolizes focusing the energy inward.


The placement for this statue should be due east, seeing as Buddha used the morning sun to find answers to his many questions. It’s also said that good fortune will find you when you rub the statue’s belly.


Buddha Laughing


The laughing Buddha should look very familiar to western culture, because it’s also one of the favorites in the United States. This particular statue has an enormous belly, indicating abundance. His smile is a sign of happiness and leading a happy life as he got older.


Buddha will either be sitting or standing, while holding what is referred to as a Ru-Yi pot above his head. Sometimes it’s imaginary, and sometimes it’s real. Either way, it also represents abundance, and overall good luck.


It’s no surprise why this statue is better known as Happy, and the consequences of rubbing its belly comes in the form of more good luck and abundance. It’s recommended to place laughing Buddha in a south-east section of your home, or wealth corner if you prefer.


The Different Variations


Laughing Buddha and children: This statue should be placed in the west section of your garden or home.


Traveling Buddha: The statue is a combination of the laughing Buddha, depicted as a monk with a sack slung over his shoulder. Alternatively, the sack is tied to a stick, while he holds a wealth ball in the opposite hand. Suitable for the north sector inside your office.


Sprititual Journey Buddha: An atlernative version to the Traveling Buddha. Distinct differences include the gourd that’s tied to the stick he’s holding, the prayer beads he’s wearing, and the fan in the opposite hand. When placed in the north-east sector it will promote education. In a south-west sector it will have a positive influence on love and relationships.  Check out these Buddhas from Outdoor Art Pros.


Blessing Buddha:


This statue takes on a “blessing pose”, with Buddha’s one hand raised and the other lowered. While in this position he’ll grant you fearlessness. It’s perfect for the office or den inside your home.


Teaching Buddha:


Also referred to as Dharma Chakra Buddha, you can find this Buddha sitting or standing. Although, the sitting position is the most popular, given Buddha’s preference to sit while teaching. It represents the most enlightentend time of his life, and when he was at the peak of sharing his experience and knowledge.


You’ll notice his hands in front of his chest, with the index fingers and thumbs connecting to make a circle. It’s because his teaching always came from the heart, and his teachings were directed at the Wheel of Dharma (union of wisdom and method). As for the remaining fingers, they are always extended.


Whether you’ll be using it inside the home, garden or office, the best place is a north-east sector.


If it happens that that the thumb connects with the ringfinger instead of the index fingers, the symbolism changes to increased fortune. For career focus, place the statue in a north sector, while south-east is perfect for wealth.


Long Life Buddha


You will either find this Buddha holding a bag near his side, or within his lap. Inside this bag is blessings, and when the bag is on his lap, he’ll be holding a Ru-Yi pot in one hand, and a wealth ball in the other. Regarding placement, east represents health, west is for children and descendants, while south-east represents wealth.


Happy Home Buddha


This is relationship statue, and can be used inside or outside within a sout-west area.


Earth Buddha


This statue sits on the ground and points to the earth via the extended fingers on the right hand. It represents his victory over temptation from the demon, Mara, and it will help for relationships when placed in a south-west area. For career difficulties and a lack of motivation, place it in the north section of your home or garden.


Reclining Buddha


The Reclining Buddha statue is perfect for any transition periods you are going through, because it represents Buddha’s journey between life and death. More specifically, it represents his transformation into another being.


The best place for this statue is the room that defines your transition so-to-speak. For instance, if you are going through a job transition, you want it in a north area inside your home or office. For those who just ended a relationship, the south-east area is best, while new home owners should use it in a west area.

Morning Yoga For Weight Loss – 20 Minute Workout Fat Burning Yoga Meltdown Beginner & Intermediate

Morning Yoga For Weight Loss – 20 Minute Workout Fat Burning Yoga Meltdown Beginner & Intermediate