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Mindfulness – 5 Advantages of having a Garden

If you have a garden and a library, you have everything you need.”-Marcus Tullius Cicero. Gardens are always a great addition to one’s home not only because it adds a natural factor to it but also because it provides a very soothing atmosphere to the people in the house as well as guests. Gardens and Landscapes are the “in thing” these days as the whose who of the industry spend a large amount of money on gardeners and landscape specialists to see which types of gardens suit their homes the best. Gardens also provide a very positive environment to any home as they say, Nature has its way of keeping humans in touch with it, and Gardens provide a great place for any source of conversation as well as romance.

Yoga Garden

1. You can sleep better 

It is scientifically proven the greenery, in and around the house can make the residents of the house have a highly enriching and better sleep. This research has been done over a period of time and scientifically proven as well. They say that is provides as a natural stimulant for the body to have deep sleep cycles, which we in normal words called enriching sleep.

2. Improves your sex life 

Gardens in and around the house, some research studies say, improve your sex life. Since the human body has evolved around nature, the best performance happens, according to study around nature and its forms. They also help people to engage in conversations, which eventually lead to better performance in bed.

3. Fresh organic food 

If fruits and vegetables are a part of the garden, that you have at your home, then having the best and the most fresh of fruits and vegetables for meals is one of the perks. Although there is a bit of work, the hard work pays off when one’s body becomes very fit and healthy due to the consumption of the fresh organic food, hand picked from your garden.

4. Lower Stress Levels

Gardens and greenery lower stress levels of any person around it. This is a human experience, which is accounted by many people over a long period of time. They tend to have a soothing effect on the mind, hence calming the nerves of the human body, in turn lowering stress levels of humans. So know you know where to head after a long day’s work.

5. Increases your creative abilities 

Some of the most renowned artists and musicians used to and still practice their art surrounding themselves with gardens as they believe it gives them inspiration and the peace of mind to think clearly. Some of the best in various industries across the world, have gardens and lawns in their house, firstly as it is a thing of the finer class and secondly because it provides an environment for to think clearly and differently.

Gardens form an integral part of the human beings life and here is 5 reasons why you should have gardens in your homes and real estate properties.