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Inspirational Instagram Resources to Follow

Nobody is “on” twenty-four hours a day. If you’re feeling a little down and you need a motivational push to get moving, you’re hardly alone in the world. Everyone needs a confidence boost from time to time. Whether you’re trying to get ahead at work, stick to a healthier diet, or simply to get generally inspired, Instagram can help you find the motivation you’re looking for.

We’ve collected an awesome roster of inspirational feeds on Instagram that will pump you up and put a smile on your face. Ready to find some new favorites to follow? Read on!

1) Simple Design Inspiration


Kate Arends is a designer and creative consultant from Minneapolis. She posts great photos on her feed that show you gorgeous interior designs and breath taking landscapes. Take a glance at her pictures and draw inspiration for your own minimalist projects.

2) Fitness Motivation


Besides making great products, Under Armour is also known for having a great attitude. Their Instagram feed is full of strong women, motivational quotes, and the sort of energy you need to get active and take control of your day.

3) Getting Happy


As you might guess from the name, this account is all about spreading a little happiness. The pics shared on this feed feature affirmations and all sorts of inspiring and motivational words laid over some absolutely gorgeous photos and artwork that have gotten her a lot of followers on Instagram. When you need a little afternoon pick-me-up, there’s no better place to turn.

4) For The Yoga Enthusiast


Rachel Brathen is a yogi and a blogger hailing from Sweden. On her Instagram account, you’ll see her demonstrate a range of inventive and inspiring poses in all sorts of interesting locales. Even if browsing her feed doesn’t inspire you to invest in a globe-trotting vacation, it just might convince you to haul your yoga mat out of storage and do a little stretching of your own.

5) For Eating Healthier


This account delivers the perfect combination of funny food quotes and delicious meal snapshots. Even if you don’t follow it up with a superfood breakfast, a quick visit to this Instagram feed will make you feel better about your eating habits.