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Reasons To Incorporate Yoga Into Your Everyday Life

The ancient practice of yoga has become a common part of daily life from East to the West. People from all civilizations have adapted to yoga and those who know it’s true benefits have made it a part of their daily lives. Here are the reasons you should incorporate yoga in your everyday life to live it fully and beautifully.

Improves Cognitive Processing and Helps Fight Anxiety and Depression

According to a study published by Boston University Health Center in 2010, yoga is superior to other forms of exercises because it not only improves cognitive thinking but also helps fight anxiety and depression. Doing yoga only three times a week can help remove toxic cells from brain and improve positivity towards life. Ohio State University also published a study which reveals that long-term yoga can help combat stress in daily life.

Helps Manage Rheumatoid Arthritis

The European Against Rheumatism published a study in 2011 which reveals yoga practitioners can better manage rheumatoid arthritis and statistically help reduce the disease condition by improving physical joint movements.

Helps Reduce Back Pain

Yoga was basically started as an exercise to fight back pain. The modern lifestyle also ties a person with desktop devices like computer and laptop, reducing physical movements and increasing back pain in even young children. Just five to ten minutes of yoga in morning can help reduce back pain and improve your physical stability. When you practice your yoga make sure to use a good yoga mat that does not slip especially when you are performing complex balancing poses.

Other Medical Benefits

It lowers blood pressure by a combined effect of reduced stress and improved blood circulation throughout the body. It helps relieve physical pain by improving bone and joint flexibility. Above all, it improves overall strength. Post workout pain is not a thing related to yoga.

Connects With Your Inner-Self

Meditation is a part of yoga. One of the amazing benefits of yoga is to connect you with your inner-self. The results can be seen in the form of boosted self-confidence and positive attitude towards life. It makes you more productive at the workplace and improves creativity to help you find new ways to make the most out of life.

Improves Breathing

According to modern science, you can fight more than 90% of diseases just with the help of proper breathing. Yoga improves oxygen intake and boosts the effect of proper breathing, making you healthier from inside and outside.

As a collective effect of all these benefits, yoga detoxifies your body, improves skin glow and helps you lose weight as well.


Reasons To Incorporate Yoga Into Your Everyday Life

Movement Medicine – Energy Practice – Yoga With Adriene


Movement Medicine – Energy Practice

Pratyahara is yoga’s fifth limb, and is considered as withdrawing the senses. However, how does such withdrawal benefit or affect yoga practitioners? The answer lies in the fact that it provides yogis the opportunity to avoid the frequent daily living stimulus in the modern world, and listen to the mind instead, hoping to find and cultivate Atman, also called the true self. When practicing pratyahara, we shouldn’t permit any outside stimuli to enter our conscious thoughts. This results in deep meditation and Samadhi, or disbanding of the ego.

BKS Iyengar believes pratyahara is the basis on which a yogic journey should happen, since it is the point where humans can shift from their action and behaviors in the external world, for taking a deep dive into themselves for much better knowledge about themselves. Basically, pratyahara defies everything humans have learned right from birth, which is looking for external reaction or happiness. Pratyahara’s focus lies in moving inwards to the self and mind.

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BKS also states when turning inward, we should self-learn intensely due to the grip we have on our egos. To drop the ego, one requires concentration, flow, curiosity and attention. BKS also states pratyahara practice should originate from the previous limbs, particularly pranayama and asana that start to still the wavering mind. Meditation tremendously helps with diving closer to the inner self; however, for entrenched sensory withdrawal feelings, people are traversing the whole globe, and several to Melbourne for trying out the isolation tanks.

Isolation tanks help float users in Epsom salts-infused water at a temperature similar to their skin for at least 90 minutes and a maximum of two hours. Effectively, the user has lost his weight, is in complete darkness, and fully isolated from external noise. Come enter the mind’s theater! Flotation tanks Melbourne users deeply report spiritual experiences, in addition to vivid visualizations or in some cases, hallucination. Several isolation tank institutes are showing up across Australia, providing users the experience of anti-gravity. Other isolation or float tanks’ benefits include deep meditation, increased magnesium absorption, heightened senses, pain management, super learning, increased endorphins, and enhanced rejuvenation and healing.

Irrespective of your consideration or not for isolation tank usage, find out what practices you may look to include in your routine day, for stopping or slowing the outside stimuli from setting in, which have to be exchanged for self-inquiry and a deeper level of self-awareness.

Information on Yoga South Yarra

Yoga Family Violet Alignment is a Yoga system, which Foteini Dimitriou founded, that has helped many people find their inner balance in physical, emotional and mental level.




Yoga Violet through the method of alignment (asana) and mind focus can rejuvenate and transform our bodies (physical, emotional, mental) to a new consciousness.

But what does it mean?

Our bodies can accept the new vibration for the development of self-awareness. We train our bodies through practice to be flexible and attuned to health. We welcome a new realization to our lives; the soil is fertile for abundance, joy, compassion and love!

It offers the creation of a channel of light, love and dynamic will in order for our bodies to be full of well-being and health. Our everyday lives are stronger spiritually so we can accomplish our dreams and hopes. Through the Yoga Violet Alignment system, we learn to create, maintain and strengthen this channel in order for our everyday life and consciousness to be continually upgraded.

Folktale and poetry inspire and help us understand ourselves through teaching. Writing helps us to express other aspects of ourselves. We let our creative expression emerge, bloom like a flower showing us its whole beauty that lives inside us and which can teach and be taught.

A new circle opens and when having the right equipment we can move on with safety to the new circle of life by offering ourselves and the humanity all these that we are destined to do as souls.

We enjoy the best of ourselves. We become beacons of light!!!




Because through joy, first we learn and then we teach!

An innovative method for happy kids… The educational games aims are:

  • Visual perception through the senses
  • Use of visual memory through pictures
  • Data correlation
  • Space meanings in correlation with children’s orientation
  • Body structure
  • Being able to express their curiosity for observation
  • Entertainment
  • Expansion of children’s creativity through activities and many more.
  • Mind focus
  • Better school performance

The children feel great!


Narration and writing of a folktale:

Traditional Greek folktales and Aesop’s fables have been alive since antiquity, unwritten because they are of significant importance and have psychotherapeutic properties.

Through folktales, each child gets the information they want to feel better, they are taught without didacticism and always know that when the weak try and think, they can be justified. They also learn that when problems aren’t told, they can’t be solved either. They also learn to stand fearlessly in front of an audience, raise their confidence, speak correctly with speech articulation and know how to face their audience. All these, besides being confident, offer them the potential to help whenever it is needed. When they say the folktales that they will learn to children who face problems, by always looking inside their eyes, they might help others and see the results of their effort the same moment that they do it.

Through this wonderful journey, we find our true self. Recognition, acceptance, love, reconciliation, joy are just some of the things that we will come upon. The journey continues by offering through our experiential progression and knowledge to the children, helping them evolve fast. We embrace and nurture their strong assets, by helping them emerge their talents and creativity.

In a safe environment, children are able to express themselves freely and communicate whatever bothers them. We create healthy relationships with trust and honesty. Through Yama and Niyama, children can build character and be trained happily.

Yoga Violet Family for happy families who bring the new model of abundance in every level!!! All together, we create a world of joy, love, and abundance!

For more information about Yoga Family Violet Alignment as well as meditations visit:



Bali, Indonesia is a great choice if you are looking for an affordable yoga retreat. This destination is tranquil and the retreats help you to bring out the best in you. Yoga has become one of the most popular activities in the world. This is attributed to the fact that people have little time to themselves as they try to attain success. Most people are forced to spend countless hours at work and this leaves them little time to relax. This kind of pressure can take a toll on you and yoga is one of the best ways to unwind.

Photo by Oriana Fowler

People who take part in yoga practices tend to be more stress-free as they go about their day-to-day activities. This is because they are in tune with their emotions and they know how to control them. Yoga is quite powerful. It will help boost concentration, improve your mood and strengthen your body. Once you find a Bali meditation center, you will learn how to meditate effectively and find inner peace.  Meditation allows you to shut the rest of the world out and focus on your feelings and inner state. Once you master meditation, you will attain greater control over your emotions and body. Meditation helps you feel like you can handle everything that comes your way.

For an inexpensive and relaxed getaway, Bali is a good choice. Bali retreats have some of the most experienced instructors and teachers in all of south-east Asia. The instructors include professionals who have practiced yoga for many years and they understand the techniques that should be applied in every situation.

One of the best things about attending a yoga retreat is that you get to choose the activities to engage in and the specific number of days that you will stay. If you have limited time, you can spend about a week at a retreat to reenergize yourself. You can take walks or go on hikes in the serene parts of the island. A mindful walk through nature can be just as relaxing as meditation especially when you are walking through a quiet path. This is a great time to reflect on your life and some of the decisions that you need to make to improve it. It is difficult to do this in your ordinary environment because there is always something to distract you at work or home.

At a yoga retreat, you leave behind all the things that seem to burden you. You do not have a deadline to meet and there is no tiring commute to work. The retreats usually have packages that you can choose from depending on what you would like to achieve during your trip.

Young Woman Meditating at the Beach

Another great aspect about a Bali yoga retreats is that you also get to enjoy cultural events. This island has a rich culture and you have an opportunity to interact with some of the locals to gain deeper insight into their way of life. Yoga is considered a way of life on this island, and a visit to a retreat allows you to experience how this practice is used in day-to-day life. It is also an opportunity to meet people who share your interests.

The Benefits of Positive Thinking

Having a positive outlook on life is more than just being happy. It adds value to your behavior in general and enhances motivation to develop priceless skills that will (like meditation and yoga) increase your health, mindfulness, and prosperity.

The best way to understand why positivity holds great significance in our lives is to identify and acknowledge the benefits it brings:

1.Positive thinking helps build confidence, which is a key to success and prosperity. Confident people with higher self-esteem, in most cases, become good leaders.

2. The odds are that marriages between people with positive thinking will last longer than marriages between people with negative mindset.

3.  People who have a great self-image are naturally defined as positive and more reliable when it comes to making tough decisions, taking responsibilities and working effectively under a lot of pressure.

4.  Positivity helps you pull yourself together and survive through hardships and misfortune.

5. Pleasant emotions create a positive impact on your life and usually come as a result of positive thinking.  If you want to know why you are not happy ask yourself are you feeling angry most of the time? Anger nurtures negative thinking and prevents you from living your life the way you deserve.

6. Positive thinking activates ambition in a natural way, which triggers the right features of a winning personality.

7.  Research suggests that people who tend to see things on the bright side live 10 years longer (on average). So if you want to increase your lifespan, stop worrying, especially about things you cannot control. It will only add more stress to your life.

8. Positive thinkers are usually surrounded by a lot of friends, and such social support is important part of having a fulfilling life. 

9. Optimism’s most significant effect is that it improves your common health. It ameliorates depression and distress, and helps your body develop greater resistance to common cold.

10. Experiencing positive emotions such as joy or love, broadens the sense of possibility, make people see other possible solutions to a problem. This is how positivity opens our mind to more options and makes us see the bigger picture.

11. A positive attitude helps you develop more problem-solving skills, which enhances your chances for success in the workplace.

12. Positive people are more grateful for what they have. They are less judgmental and more focused on things that matter.

13. Positive thinking prevents you from nurturing negative mindset. Thinking negatively usually leads to permanent depression.

14. Optimistic people usually provide better work performance because positivity improves concentration skills and inspires progress.

One problem that many of us have with developing a more positive outlook toward life is that we are fighting against a lifetime of negative and limiting thoughts. However, new research in neuroscience shows us that we can rewire our brains to become more positive, grateful, and forgiving. And it can be done in as little as 30 days.

You may already be familiar with guided meditations that use autosuggestion affirmations to enhance positive thinking. However, there is a new form of guided meditation produced by the AutoSuggestion Sound Method that uses powerful affirmations over a background of binaural beats and singular Tibetan bell sounds to enhance the subconscious acquisition of positive affirmations and their manifestation in our conscious lives. To learn more about this method, please go to: AutoSuggestion Techniques.

The Benefits of Positive Thinking

Check out this old Indian legend I am
madly in love with…


Once upon a time when all human beings
were Gods, but they so abused their
divinity that Brahma, the chief God,
decided to take it away from them and
hide it.

But where?

Brahma called a council of the Gods
to help him decide.

ìLetís bury it deep in the earth,î said the Gods.

But Brahma answered, ìNo, that will not
do because humans will dig into the earth
and find it.î

Then the Gods said, ìLetís sink it in the
deepest ocean.î

But Brahma said, ìNo, not there, for they will
learn to dive into the ocean and will find it.î

Then the Gods said, ìLetís take it to the top
of the highest mountain and hide it there.î

But once again Brahma replied, ìNo, that will
not do either, because they will eventually climb
every mountain.î

Then the Gods gave up and said, ìWe do not know
where to hide it, because it seems that there is
no place in existence that humans will not
eventually reach.î

Brahma thought for a long time and then said,
ìHere is what we will do. We will hide their
divinity deep in the center of their own being,
for humans will never think to look for it there.î

All the Gods agreed that this was the perfect
hiding place, and the deed was done.

And since that time, humans have been going up
and down the earth, digging, diving, climbing,
and exploring ñ searching for something already
within themselves.


If youíre prepared to stop searching in the wrong
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