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Pratyahara is yoga’s fifth limb, and is considered as withdrawing the senses. However, how does such withdrawal benefit or affect yoga practitioners? The answer lies in the fact that it provides yogis the opportunity to avoid the frequent daily living stimulus in the modern world, and listen to the mind instead, hoping to find and cultivate Atman, also called the true self. When practicing pratyahara, we shouldn’t permit any outside stimuli to enter our conscious thoughts. This results in deep meditation and Samadhi, or disbanding of the ego.

BKS Iyengar believes pratyahara is the basis on which a yogic journey should happen, since it is the point where humans can shift from their action and behaviors in the external world, for taking a deep dive into themselves for much better knowledge about themselves. Basically, pratyahara defies everything humans have learned right from birth, which is looking for external reaction or happiness. Pratyahara’s focus lies in moving inwards to the self and mind.

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BKS also states when turning inward, we should self-learn intensely due to the grip we have on our egos. To drop the ego, one requires concentration, flow, curiosity and attention. BKS also states pratyahara practice should originate from the previous limbs, particularly pranayama and asana that start to still the wavering mind. Meditation tremendously helps with diving closer to the inner self; however, for entrenched sensory withdrawal feelings, people are traversing the whole globe, and several to Melbourne for trying out the isolation tanks.

Isolation tanks help float users in Epsom salts-infused water at a temperature similar to their skin for at least 90 minutes and a maximum of two hours. Effectively, the user has lost his weight, is in complete darkness, and fully isolated from external noise. Come enter the mind’s theater! Flotation tanks Melbourne users deeply report spiritual experiences, in addition to vivid visualizations or in some cases, hallucination. Several isolation tank institutes are showing up across Australia, providing users the experience of anti-gravity. Other isolation or float tanks’ benefits include deep meditation, increased magnesium absorption, heightened senses, pain management, super learning, increased endorphins, and enhanced rejuvenation and healing.

Irrespective of your consideration or not for isolation tank usage, find out what practices you may look to include in your routine day, for stopping or slowing the outside stimuli from setting in, which have to be exchanged for self-inquiry and a deeper level of self-awareness.

Information on Yoga South Yarra



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