“Life loves You”

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The first time I heard the words “Life Loves You” was when I read the book by Louise Hay. Until then it was never so obvious to me. Deep within I knew the reason for everyone’s existence is LOVE but it was never so obvious until I read this book.

I’m sure everyone in their lifetime has wondered what life is about, at least once. I am no different; I have wondered what life is about. What’s my life about? Why do we exist? Who created us? Why were we created? I’ve thought about these questions when I was happy, when something made me sad, when I was in despair, or when everything seemed against me and made me angry and also when I had nothing else to think about.

And every time, every single time I asked these questions, the answer to one question has always been the same. The reason for our creation, the reason for any and every creation is Love. The answers to all the other questions have varied over time based on the situation I was in, but the answer to what life is about has always been the same. It’s the immense love that created us. And it’s this pure, immense love which keeps creation going!

When I became a mom, I realized this was so true. You need immense love to create something. To carry a baby for 40 weeks inside your body is no joke, but still we do, we have done it for generations and we will continue to do it for generations. This isn’t exclusive to humans, every mammal does it. And what better reason can you have other than love? In comparison to this universe we are very minuscule, and if we are capable of so much love, just imagine how much love the universe has for us?

Well, I’m sure there will be people who ask me, “Oh, if life loves me why do I have so many problems? Why am I going through this situation, why is my life full of hurdles, why do I have so many challenges in life?”

A baby doesn’t learn to walk the minute it’s born, the first thing it needs to learn is to breathe, and life doesn’t get easy there. Just to walk, it needs to learn to flip, crawl, and then sit, and by the end of a year babies might have the necessary skills to stand. But still, nothing comes easy, and this doesn’t stop the babies from doing it, they keep doing it until it becomes second nature.

The very reason for the challenges you are experiencing in life is because of the existence. It is because you have chosen to live and experience it. The minute life ceases to exist; there is no experience, no challenges, no learning. And each of these situations and challenges makes us grow, makes us capable of handling the next big experience in our life. This universe knows us better than we know ourselves and it will only give us what we can handle.

As a mother, I want my son to experience life, experience the good and the bad. I want him to accept every situation with open arms and an open heart. And this can happen only when I expose him to the various aspects of life. This will make him capable and confident enough to live life. But that doesn’t mean I don’t love him, and it also doesn’t mean I’m here to make his life a bed of roses. Something given to you ready in a platter is never sweet.

When an egg breaks from the inside, out comes beautiful life. And we all know what happens when the egg is broken from outside. A butterfly needs to come out of the cocoon it has built around itself. And it is this process that makes its wings strong enough to fly. Breaking the cocoon from the outside is just going to kill it.

My point here is, trust your life, it will always give you what you can handle. When it gets tough, talk to the Universe and help will arrive. The Universe loves you unconditionally. If you can’t see it, then maybe you have lost that connection, like the kids who think that parents don’t care. The universe is that parent who listens to you all the time and accepts you as you are with great love.

I love my universe, and I’m so thankful for life through which I’m given the opportunity to experience so many things. I’m sure you are too and if you aren’t yet, I hope things change for you soon and you get to savor the honey this life has to offer.

Remember, life loves you.



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