Meditation For Better Sleep

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Meditation For Better Sleep


One of the most accessible ways to come into the present moment, center yourself, and think about the bigger picture is through meditation. It can be quite challenging since it is hard to sit without fidgeting and focusing on doing literally nothing.

Meditation has some amazing effects even when practised for just a few minutes a day. The numerous health benefits of regular meditation include reducing your overall stress and lowering your heart rate. If you would like to explore meditation practice, you should consider the beginner-level meditations below.

Meditation For Better Sleep

It is important to find a comfortable, quiet place to settle down and sit still with your eyes closed. It can be either at home or at work. Then try experimenting with one or all of the five meditations below guaranteed to help you relax and sleep better.


  1. Counting


Start counting backwards from 100 and restart each time you lose track. You should not attach to forgetting your place; just start over and continue counting down. Don’t forget that there’s no right or wrong since it is all about meditation.


  1. Visualization


Concentrate on just one colour, place, face, etc. Let your mind clear and focus on just one image. A peaceful green field.  A partner’s face. A cookie. You get the drift. Take note of how this makes you feel.


  1. Mantra


Have a personal mantra like, “I am grateful for…” To paraphrase the Buddha: A word that brings peace is better than a thousand hollow words. Repeat your mantra silently and allow the mind to clear as you focus on just one phrase.


  1. Pranayama and Square Breathing


Practice pranayama or yoga breathing is also known as the “life force” everyone refers to a breath. Inhale then exhale using only the nostrils and cultivate your Ujjayi breath, which is a common Pranayama practice. Allow the air to drag over the back of the throat to create a low, ocean-like sound on your exhale and inhale. After getting warmed up, move on to square breathing: inhale for 4 counts, hold for 2 counts, and exhale for 4 counts. Repeat the cycle for 2 to 3 minutes.


  1. Alternate Nostril Breathing


Maintain your Ujjayi breath and then incorporate alternate nostril breathing into your Pranayama practice. Use your right finger to close your left nostril. Inhale for 4 counts using only the right nostril, hold for 2 counts while closing the right nostril using your thumb, and exhale for 4 counts through only the left nostril. Finally, repeat the cycle for 2 to 3 minutes.


It can be a great idea to incorporate several minutes of meditation to all your yoga classes. After the final exhale as others are gently blinking their eyes open and come back into the room, you should pause for a moment to notice their peaceful faces and smiles.


Meditation can really help with rest as can a new mattress, check out these mattress reviews to ensure you get the best possible sleep.




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