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Yoga Family Violet Alignment is a Yoga system, which Foteini Dimitriou founded, that has helped many people find their inner balance in physical, emotional and mental level.




Yoga Violet through the method of alignment (asana) and mind focus can rejuvenate and transform our bodies (physical, emotional, mental) to a new consciousness.

But what does it mean?

Our bodies can accept the new vibration for the development of self-awareness. We train our bodies through practice to be flexible and attuned to health. We welcome a new realization to our lives; the soil is fertile for abundance, joy, compassion and love!

It offers the creation of a channel of light, love and dynamic will in order for our bodies to be full of well-being and health. Our everyday lives are stronger spiritually so we can accomplish our dreams and hopes. Through the Yoga Violet Alignment system, we learn to create, maintain and strengthen this channel in order for our everyday life and consciousness to be continually upgraded.

Folktale and poetry inspire and help us understand ourselves through teaching. Writing helps us to express other aspects of ourselves. We let our creative expression emerge, bloom like a flower showing us its whole beauty that lives inside us and which can teach and be taught.

A new circle opens and when having the right equipment we can move on with safety to the new circle of life by offering ourselves and the humanity all these that we are destined to do as souls.

We enjoy the best of ourselves. We become beacons of light!!!




Because through joy, first we learn and then we teach!

An innovative method for happy kids… The educational games aims are:

  • Visual perception through the senses
  • Use of visual memory through pictures
  • Data correlation
  • Space meanings in correlation with children’s orientation
  • Body structure
  • Being able to express their curiosity for observation
  • Entertainment
  • Expansion of children’s creativity through activities and many more.
  • Mind focus
  • Better school performance

The children feel great!


Narration and writing of a folktale:

Traditional Greek folktales and Aesop’s fables have been alive since antiquity, unwritten because they are of significant importance and have psychotherapeutic properties.

Through folktales, each child gets the information they want to feel better, they are taught without didacticism and always know that when the weak try and think, they can be justified. They also learn that when problems aren’t told, they can’t be solved either. They also learn to stand fearlessly in front of an audience, raise their confidence, speak correctly with speech articulation and know how to face their audience. All these, besides being confident, offer them the potential to help whenever it is needed. When they say the folktales that they will learn to children who face problems, by always looking inside their eyes, they might help others and see the results of their effort the same moment that they do it.

Through this wonderful journey, we find our true self. Recognition, acceptance, love, reconciliation, joy are just some of the things that we will come upon. The journey continues by offering through our experiential progression and knowledge to the children, helping them evolve fast. We embrace and nurture their strong assets, by helping them emerge their talents and creativity.

In a safe environment, children are able to express themselves freely and communicate whatever bothers them. We create healthy relationships with trust and honesty. Through Yama and Niyama, children can build character and be trained happily.

Yoga Violet Family for happy families who bring the new model of abundance in every level!!! All together, we create a world of joy, love, and abundance!

For more information about Yoga Family Violet Alignment as well as meditations visit:







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